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Year Books

A big thanks to our 2018 and 2019, Treasurer – Robyn Cooke for putting the 2018 and 2019 year books together.

2018 Year Book – click here to view

2019 Year Book – click here to view

Executive Committee 2020

President – Darren Clancy

Vice President – Shannon Corbett

Secretary – Lucy Ward

Treasurer – Shannon Corbett

Sports Captain – Mitchell Thorn

Point Scorer – Ian Leach

Trials Captain – Steve Ward

Minutes Secretary – VACANT

Canteen Manager – VACANT

Enduro Captain – Steve Ward


Assistant Enduro Captain – Andrew Cromarty / Clint Hedges

Assistant Trials Captain – Andrew Cromarty / Clint Hedges

Assistant Treasurer – Robyn Cooke

Assistant Secretary – VACANT

Nipper Captain – Russell Young

Head Coach – Adam Milutinovic

Canteen Co-ordinator – VACANT

Working Bee Co-ordinator – Corey Hanlon

Publicity Officer – VACANT

Social Media – Hayley Elliott

Webmaster – Katrina Osman

Merchandise Officer – Melissa Klump

New Member Officer – Nicole Cromarty

Assistant Point Scorer – VACANT

Head Scrutineer – Steve Ward

Social Secretary – Ian Leach

Photographer – Amy Simpson

Year Book Co-ordinator – VACANT

NSW Delegate for JTMCC – Darren Clancy / Shannon Corbett

Life Members

Norma Kalucy
Robert Cavanough
Allan Hay
Neville Hutchinson
Frank Purcell
Kevin Taunton
John Edwards
Gary Denniss
Phil Quilty
Robyn Woolmer
Kevin Woolmer
Ian McFadyn
Debbie McFadyn
Janice Cresdee
Sharon Foley
Jamie Paterson
Greg O’Connor
Dave Simmons
Kerrie Simmons
Dave Jeffries

Michelle Jeffries
Dave Rose
Steve Squires
Jim Smith
Danny Graham
Tony “Viv” Vella
Alana Hartwig
Malcolm Shields
Dennis Foley
Geoff Gauci
Darryl Taylor
Lee-Sa Taylor
Paul Grant
Michelle Grant
Kirsten Craig
Craig Weale
Scott Henry