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The most prestigious honour given to deserving members

who have gone above and beyond over the years

with their contributions to Junior Trials.

Robert Cavanaugh

Frank Purcell

Allan Hay

Neville Hutchinson

Kevin Taunton

John Edwards

Garry Denniss

Phil Quilty

Robyn Woolmer

Kevin Woolmer

Ian McFadyen

Debbie McFadyen

Dave Jeffries

Michelle Jeffries

Dave Rose

Steve Squires

Jim Smith

Danny Graham

Tony "Viv" Vella

Malcolm Shields

Dennis Foley

Alana Hartwig

Anthony Walker

Geoff Gauci

Darryl Taylor

Lee-sa Taylor

Janice Cresdee

Sharon Foley

Greg O'Connor

Jamie Patterson

David Lewis

Kirsten Craig

Paul Grant

Norm Kalucy

Leanne Boyd

Steve Hoadley

Dave Simmons

Craig Weale

Ian Foster

Michelle Grant

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