What is required to ride at JTMCC?

All riders need to be licensed through Motorcycling NSW (MNSW), have a approved motorcycle and protective riding gear to ride at the club. The first step to obtain a licence is to complete a “Kickstart” course run by any MNSW affiliated Club. All new riders must successfully complete theoretical and practical components of a Kick Start program, don’t worry the club coach will help guide you through these tests. Kick Start programs are run by our club trainer on a demand basis. You must also be a member of our club, which you join & pay on the day of Kickstart.


How to book in a Kickstart?

Contact our club coach via
Please provide your name, contact phone number, the riders name, their age & type/size of bike they will be riding.


Riding Gear needed

Helmet that has ASA (Australian Standards Association AS 1698) sticker on the back.
Goggles, Commercially manufactured body armour, Gloves, Trousers of leather or Non combustible synthetic material, a long sleeve jersey, Motorcross Boots that must at least cover 3/4 of the length of the lower leg.We also recommend knee and elbow guards. A neck brace is also a great bit of protection (optional).


How a 'usual' Ride Day will operate at JT

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