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Our Club

JTDBC is run by an army of parents for their kids.

Over the years, many members have developed and improved the club grounds and facilities by attending working bees and having an active interest in the club. 

To be able to run our days it is a requirement for parents or guardians to be actively involved in running the numerous events conducted at the club. We need in excess of sixty parents to successfully run a club day!

Our club has facilities where children, starting as young as 4 years of age, can legally ride, under supervision, in a safe and controlled environment.

This is ideal to achieve exceptional control of a motorcycle, especially for beginners, because the emphasis is on SKILL development, which includes balance, weight transfer, throttle control and braking.

The long term benefits of this include the development of responsible attitudes to Motor Sport and the use of public roads.

Children will learn discipline, riding skills and make many friends along the way.

The Venue, Tracks and Event areas are inspected and licensed annually by Department of Sport & Recreation in conjunction with Local Council, MNSW and Motorcycling Australia.

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